What should the converter do?

What should the converter do? Remove all empty lines, remove all comment lines, remove all Tool commands, remove all comments half way at the lines. Change the origin of the PCB. Put some extra dots around drill holes to make them a bit more solid.

This is the output of a Eagle PCB milling .nc file. The origin 0,0 is at lower right. The origin of the Prusa I3 is lower left. So the converter should shift the whole PCB its size to the right. You can see that happen in the output file of the converter. It does a pre-scan to get the dimensions of the board.

Furthermore, the drill holes are only on one location and the Z-axis will drill a hole of 3.8 mm. This has to be replaced by a piece of G-code with a center point surrounded by several laser dots.

Because of shifting the origin of the PCB the X and Y coordinates are a bit different. At the left selecting drill tool 1, running to the spot where the drill should make a hole, with drill on drill a hole 3.8 mm deep. At the right the translation of these lines. Laser on with M03, a small delay so the laser will have it’s full power (G04 P100), with a M117 a message on the LCD display, going to the center point, place dot and with speed F10 laser 8 dot’s around this center point. After that change the message on the LCD display and put the laser off.

*note: these are not the final PCB’s the converter has generated, these are PCB’s from a earlier test.